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Liser enters into The Frazz House, and steps up to the counter. The caf� is crowded, reputed in Evocia for serving magical wonders. Lightglobes, magical creations that emit light, dimly illuminate the three-room caf�. This entry room serves as a place to order drinks, and also as a kitchen for lack of another room for that. Two other rooms, identical in size and content, branch off to the east and west. Liser ordered a cold berry Frazz and paid. He went into one of the rooms knowing from experience that both contained a small library of books, tables, chairs, and a couple of games for patrons to peruse. A couple of people looked up as he walked inn, but mostly they kept about their business. Liser takes in the room at a glance, observing everything and everyone as he always does when entering somewhere new. There were 10 people in the room total. Four of them were grouped around a game of Figures being played by the older two gentlemen, probably regulars here and by the arrangement of the playing pieces, both good players. The game of Figures is a game played on a square board of 121 spaces; each player gets 20 figures that move and can do various things. The most common piece is the Soldier, which can only walk forward or at tack forward. A more powerful piece, The Wizard, can kill any piece up to three spaces in front of it, as long as the opposing wizard isn't in that space. To Liser, the game of Figures was always too complex; he preferred the simpler game of Jump. The two players were sipping hot drinks, and the two watchers had long finished their drinks, and were on their feet, walking around the game and then sitting down, never staying still. It had been found that a side effect of the Frazz beverage was restlessness, and sleep problems if taken late in the day. The Evocian court mage who had come up with the drink was said to be trying to isolate the cause and see if a calmer version was possible. Two other people were having a quiet conversation in a corner, their attire suggested Merchants, probably discussing some big deal. One man was asleep, or passed out, in one of the big cushioned chairs. Often people wandered out of a nearby tavern after drinking too much ale, and ended up coming in here. Two others were reading and sipping drinks, a common pastime for those who did not have many books in their own home. The final person in the room was the most interesting; A man in a dark cloak with an amulet made of black crystal around his neck was leaning back in one of the cushioned chairs, pushed into the corner, almost cloaked in the shadow of the room. He was an easy man to miss, especially with one of the lightglobes dimming to almost nothing in the corner. He seemed to want to give the appearance of sleep, but Liser noticed right away that he was alert and had focused on Liser the moment he entered. This man had no drink that Liser could see, and his sword was leaning against the chair, loosened in its dark brown scabbard. The room itself was mostly bare, except for the tables and chairs, a few paintings on the walls, and two tall bookcases against one wall. One shelf of one of the bookcases was devoted to games for patrons, such as Figures and Jump. Glancing at the man in the corner, Liser sits down at one of the tables facing the entrance. He was supposed to be meeting Blake here soon, to discuss the plans, but that man made him uneasy. Maybe he should catch Blake outside and go to the other room, or somewhere else. No, That'll attract too much attention; don't want to draw attention to myself today. They had chosen The Frazz House because of the traffic here. So many people coming and going that the meeting should go unnoticed. The time was factored in too; they agreed to meet shortly after the nearby church service let out, hoping for an extra influx of people to blend into. The cold night was probably keeping many away though.
The first thing Liser noticed when Blake arrived was that somehow the man in the corner had slipped out. You are just being paranoid, relax and take care of business. Blake takes a chair next to Liser after making a show of looking around for a place to sit, hiding any recollection of Liser.

Inside Liser and Blake had begun to discuss the business they had arranged this meeting for, when Blake suddenly started turning green and gasping for air. He stumbled out of his seat, and collapsed on the ground as his throat closed up. Liser was suddenly aware of everyone paying entirely too much attention to him, and he got up to leave in a hurry. He was stopped at the door by an armed guard. How did the guards get here so fast? "You'd better not go anywhere just yet Liser." Said the guard. The reality of the trouble this would cause him setting in, Liser sunk into one of the chairs.

Shortly after Liser sat down, Ceetar rose slowly and slipped out into the entry room. Sure enough, the man he was looking for had just ordered a drink. He slipped beyond a display case before anyone could see him, and from here he could reach behind the counter, and could see Blake's drink being prepared. Waiting for the server to look away to attend to something else, Ceetar slipped a vial of liquid into the drink, and glided out before anyone noticed him. As he walked away from The Frazz House, he smiled; he had accomplished both his tasks in one try, efficiency always made him happy. To kill one man, and to provide negative publicity for another, and Liser would sure have that when the guy he was talking to drops dead from what was in the vial. Ceetar stopped in front of the town guard's building, and went in running, with a faked expression of panic on his face.
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