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You have no detected magical protection.
An earthquake strikes Monument Square in Praxis.

enter portal
sap mavrick
You close your eyes and begin uttering a prayer.
As you finish your prayer a shimmering portal suddenly appears!

You step into the portal and feel reality shift around you.
You move along quietly....

Boc La Road east of Monument Square [e, w, enter monastery, enter hall]
High mortal Faerie Mavrick the Knight of Praxis and the patriot of Praxis
[Frejheim Militia] is standing here.

You sneak up behind Mavrick, trying not to be noticed...

[hm] Treli proclaims Frrom, "Sir Quakealot!"
You smash your crescent staff into the back of Mavrick's head!
Mavrick's eyes glaze over and he slumps to the ground, stunned!
Mavrick collapses to the ground.
The rumbling of the earth is not that bad.
The earth finally stops rumbling.
put staves in pack
wield bow
You unwield the crescent staff.
You put the crescent staff into mining pack.

You brandish the mighty bow and arrows.

You strike rapidly and shear Mavrick to ribbons in the left arm with your
magma arrows.
Mavrick's right hand is severed!
You scream, "Die!" and destroy Mavrick utterly in the right hand with your
magma arrows.
The coachman of a passing carriage cries a warning at you before he's gone
tell equinox got him
You tell Equinox, "Got him."
Equinox is idle and may not have been paying attention.

Mavrick's left foot is severed!
Mavrick removes drawstring pants.
Mavrick's left leg is severed!
Mavrick's death is now on your head.
Mavrick removes mining pack.
Mavrick removes a golden cord holding a scabbard and two reagent bags.
Mavrick removes an old knapsack.
Mavrick unwields a fly-trap spike.
Nightmare mourns the tragic loss of Mavrick.
You send Mavrick into the Underworld.
take corpse
You get High mortal Faerie Mavrick the ghoul [Frejheim Militia].
Boc La Road east of Monument Square [e, w, enter monastery, enter hall]
The recent ruins of the famous Monastery of Praxis hug the northern side of
Boc La Road. This central artery runs from the
eastern edges of Praxis into Monument Square just west of here. On the
sourthern side of the road sits the Praxis Town
Hall where the local government meets. Unfortunately, justice is a rare
commodity these days.
A rotting faerie's right hand, a rotting faerie's left foot, and a rotting
faerie's left leg are here.

You have no detected magical protection.
hp: 570/570/0 mp: 660/1090/-210 sp: 339/430/-39
You move along quietly....

Monument Square in Praxis [n, s, e, w, enter portal]
A magnificent monument is here.
Avatar Frrom declares, "The Klingons have been saved." is lying down.
Saint Descartes is
standing here.

pray for absorption
You close your eyes and begin uttering a prayer.
The area basks in light blue glow that quickly fades.

Equinox unknowingly tells you, "nice!!"
Frrom looks you over.
Equinox unknowingly tells you, "post that on LJ.. :P"
Frrom coughs.
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